PC Compatible Mac Compatible SHIM (Sensitive Habitat Inventory and Mapping)

As resource development and human populations increase In British Columbia, pressures on all resources and services have accelerated. continued »

PC Compatible Sensitive Ecosystems Inventory (SEI)

The Georgia Basin Lowlands include Vancouver Island’s eastern coastal areas, the adjacent Gulf Islands, the Sunshine Coast (east side of Georgia Stait) and the islands of Howe Sound. continued »

PC Compatible Rivershed Society of BC Project Rivershed

In 2004, RSBC developed Project Rivershed, to build community capacity, educate the public, and encourage conservation and stewardship of natural resources, especially salmon and water, in riversheds. continued »

PC Compatible Mac Compatible New Atlas Invasive Species - Spartina.ca

Welcome to the Invasive Species Atlas and home page for the BC Spartina Working Group, a multi-partner initiative in BC and the Pacific Coast to find and control Spartina species. continued »

PC Compatible Mac Compatible Fisheries Information Summary System Data Entry Tool

The Fisheries Information Summary System (FISS) provides spatially represented summary level fish and fish habitat data for waterbodies throughout British Columbia and the Yukon. continued »

PC Compatible Bird Studies Canada - BC Coastal Waterbird Survey

The BC Coastal Waterbird Survey Atlas (originaly a PC only version) has been retired and will reappear in a few months as a fully functional atlas usign Mapguide Open Source and will be compatible with Macs and PCs. continued »

PC Compatible Mac Compatible New Atlas BC Wetlands Atlas

The BC Wetlands Atlas provides a citizen-science based approach to mapping wetlands in British Columbia and is an initiative of the BC Wildlife Federation’s Wetlands Education Program. continued »


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