PC Compatible Mac Compatible New Atlas Slocan Lake Habitat Atlas

The Slocan Lake Stewardship Society (SLSS) was formed in 2007 with three goals: to support research about Slocan Lake in all areas (water quality, fish, foreshore health, endangered species, etc. continued »

PC Compatible Mac Compatible New Atlas Kootenay Lake Habitat Atlas

The Kootenay Lake Partnership (KLP) was formed in 2010 to address the increasing growth and development pressures of people desiring to live on or near Kootenay Lake. continued »

PC Compatible Mac Compatible SHIM (Sensitive Habitat Inventory and Mapping)

As resource development and human populations increase In British Columbia, pressures on all resources and services have accelerated. continued »

PC Compatible Lake Windermere Area Habitat Atlas

The East Kootenay Integrated Lake Management Partnership (EKILMP) is a coalition of various agencies, local governments, First Nations and non-government organizations with joint responsibilities to protect lake ecosystems. continued »

PC Compatible Mac Compatible New Atlas Elk River Alliance

Sensitive Habitat Inventory and Mapping (SHIM)  data on Lizard Creek was collected in spring and summer 2011 by the Elk River Alliance (ERA). continued »
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