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The Okanagan Habitat Atlas is a web-based mapping tool that brings together a variety of information about natural and cultural attributes and resources of the Okanagan Basin.  Its main purpose is to build capacity within and between Okanagan communities by facilitating access to local resource inventory that can be used for local land-use planning and stewardship efforts.  The contents of the atlas can assist people in creating a profile of the myriad of ecosystems with which they interact in the Okanagan (from the macro to the regional), be used in the development of communications and interpretive products and provide the building blocks for rural and urban planning.  To view the Okanagan Habitat Atlas click here:  cmnmaps.ca/OKANAGAN

Contact Organizations

Tanis Gieselman OCCP Projects Coordinator,  Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program

1450 KLO Road, Kelowna, BC V1W 3Z4

P 250.469.6292  OCCP333@gmail.com www.okcp.ca

Brad Mason, Director,  Community Mapping Network masonb12@telus.net

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