Chilliwack River Watershed Atlas

The Chilliwack River Watershed Atlas is an interactive web-based mapping tool that incorporates a variety of the natural heritage and community values found within the Chilliwack River Watershed. The Atlas was developed in cooperation with many partners, including all levels of government, local First Nations and communities, and a coalition of local stewardship organizations. The purpose of the Atlas is to provide the public with a broad array of information on the features and values found within the Chilliwack River Watershed and to contribute to informed decision making on the management of the many resources found within the watershed. This Atlas was developed in support of the creation of the Chilliwack River Watershed Strategy; a broad level planning initiative currently underway in recognition of the importance of this watershed to the residents and visitors of this unique and beautiful area within the Fraser Valley.

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Brad Mason, CMN Director

Rob Knight, CMN Director

Shannon Sigurdson Fraser Valley Regional District

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Last Updated: 29th Aug '15
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