Technical/Software Questions

What Software do I need to view CMN Legacy Atlases?

To view the Legacy Atlases on CMN you need to download and install an "ActiveX" plugin for Internet Explorer (IE) from Autodesk Mapguide. For all other content and the more recent Atlases served by MapGuide Open Source you do not need a plugin and all web browsers are supported. Your IE browser may already have the ActiveX plugin but if not IE will generaly download and install it automaticly. When you first visit a Legacy Atlas you may see a blank window, pause for up to a minute to see if you are prompted to approve the ActiveX plugin install. You can trust the souce of the plugin because it comes direct from Autodesk and you will see a central logo of Mapguide on the blank window just before the web map begins to load. Our goal is to eventualy replace all of these Legacy Atlases with new ones authored by MG Open Source, then the IE/ActiveX requirement will not be needed. If the ActiveX plugin does not auto install you can try locating it from Autodesk but it may difficult to locate!