10th Mar '18
CMN has developed new data forms for use on a mobile device to record key SHIM attributes. SHIMobile enables practitioners to record important attributes about stream and riparian features using a common data dictionary. Find out more here
20th Dec '16
Follow the link below to read the recent article by MARK HUME: VANCOUVER - Special to The Globe and Mail, Dec. 18, 2016
22nd Nov '16
Only 1/3 of sampled marsh habitat compensation sites created between 1983 & 2010 are acceptably compensating for habitat losses even though No-Net-Loss was required by Fisheries and Oceans. The assessment project was funded by Environment Canada’s National Wetland...
21st May '16
Want to be a WildResearch Nightjar Survey citizen scientist? The WildResearch Nightjar Survey is a citizen science survey program that collects baseline data for an understudied group of birds of conservation concern, the nightjars. - more
15th May '16
A 2015 survey of the compensations sites in the Lower Fraser River Estuary finds only 1/3 of the sites achieved No-Net-Loss as required by Fisheries and Oceans policy. The project was funded by Environment Canada’s National Wetland Conservation Fund.The complete data report is...
30th Aug '15
The goals of the Nechako Watershed Health Atlas are: - to assess the health of the Nechako River watershed in north central BC using best available data from a range of sources; - to inform and influence decisions and actions that can improve the health and sustainability...
01st Oct '14
A new video produced by Leanna Boyer was added to the Eelgrass Atlas.  Go to the eelgrass atlas page by selecting from the list of CMN atlases. 
26th Jun '13
Great Blue Herons are a Blue-listed speciesin in BC and are vulnerable to disturbance by Bald Eagles and humans. The Great Blue Heron Atlas (on CMN) is now available for public view here
15th Mar '13
"It is the absolute pleasure of BIEAP and FREMP to recommend the content and services of the Community Mapping Network. CMN has hosted data of our programs for more than 5 years and provided an important source of information for our partners and the public alike. In particular...
22nd Mar '12
The BC Wetlands Atlas provides a citizen-science based approach to mapping wetlands in British Columbia. The Atlas includes the provincial wetland layers (TRIM), some regional wetland mapping and it allows you, as a steward, to participate in conservation by adding valuable...


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