13th Jul '10
There is a new Atlas entited "North Thompson Sustainable Watershed Atlas". You can view a tutorial at Youtube
18th Mar '10
The Atlas is now available for viewing on Macs without having to install a plugin to your browser.
17th Nov '09
The Burrard Inlet Environmental Action Program and the Fraser Rivers Estuary Management Plan are now combined in an updated habitat atlas. Updating the atlas will happen over the coming months so checkup on the progress every couple of weeks. One new feature is the interactive...
17th Nov '09
This Community Greenmap is a member of the International Green Map System (GMS). A community green map becomes a map of a community’s home, showing the connections between where we live, the food we grow, the things we do, and the land we live on. What becomes clear is that...
15th Oct '09
The BC NGO Conservation Lands Atlas is a joint effort to collect the spatial boundaries of all conserved lands secured by Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) and the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS). While information and spatial boundaries of provincial government protected...
15th Jul '09
The Community Mapping Network assisted in the foreshore inventory and mapping project for Shuswap Lake.   Docks were the most common human-made item with a total of 2,789.
26th May '09
The BC Eelgrass atlas is upgraded.  It is now available to both PCs and MACs.  In addition,  the database is upgraded to use spatial oracle.  There are a many new tools for viewing, querying, and generating reports.  
03rd Apr '09
A new Aquatic Information Partnership (AIP) launches on CMN. There will be new AIP developments over the coming months - with new links to other components soon.  The AIP aims to provide a decision-making platform to create and maintain healthy ecosystems, to make information...
28th Nov '08
A new on-line system through the Community Mapping Network allows volunteers to enter and manage the data they collect, as well as allowing others access to the data.  This will help volunteers to be able to detect changes over time in the intertidal areas they’re monitoring. 
21st Sep '08
A new Draft Atlas is underway entitled "North Thompson Sustainable Watershed Atlas" "Sharing information and resources to improve the capacity of decision makers within the context of achieving a healthy and sustainable life in the North Thompson Valley." "We are the North...


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