20th Sep '08
New colour orthophotography has just been captured for the entire perimeter of Shuswap, Little Shuswap, and Mara Lakes. In addition several rivers were also photographed. The new imagery will be added to the CSRD Watershed Atlas over the winter.
15th Apr '08
The FREMP atlas is an interactive on-line map hosted by the Community Mapping Network (CMN). This is the link to the Atlas: http://cmnmaps.ca/FREMP/intro%20disclaimer.html The FREMP Atlas contains the following data layers: • Orthophotos of the FREMP area (2004) • Habitat...
21st Feb '08
Using the Sensitive Habitat Inventory and Mapping atlas, workshop participants are encouraged to map where there is a conservation or enhancement issue for coho salmon and indicate what action could be taken to address the problem. A separate data entry sheet for each challenge...
21st Jun '07
Check out the new Kamloops - South Thompson Sustainable Community Atlas developed by the Kamloops South-Thompson Mapping and Capacity Partnership--a group of area organizations who have collaborated on the project.
16th Jun '06
A Shim training curriculum was completed by Langley Environmental Partners (LEPS) through the Real Estate Foundation of BC and the City of Surrey. Training opportunities will be available through LEPS and the University College of the Fraser Valley in the future.
25th May '06
The Cowichan Valley Regional District Habitat Atlas is the most up to date source of fish distribution information for urban and agricultural areas. The Atlas incorporates the federal and provincial government Fisheries Information Summary System information, is built on 1:20,...
25th Oct '05
The new Southern Gulf Islands (SGI) atlas available through the Community Mapping Network is a web-based mapping tool that brings together a variety of information about the environment, landscape, and cultural aspects of the southern Gulf Islands. It is an on-going partnership...
16th Sep '05
The Private Well Network (PWN) is a community-based initiative designed to encourage private well owners to protect their health through regular and affordable testing of well water quality.
08th Sep '05
The mission of the Community Greenmap atlas is to strengthen community awareness and connection to its urban ecology and social resources through locally created maps.
01st May '05
The Gulf Islands Atlas is a web-based mapping tool that brings together a variety of information about the natural and cultural attributes and resources of the southern Gulf Islands region. Its main purpose is to foster public awareness of the resources within Gulf Islands...


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