SHIM - Sensitive Habitat Inventory & Mapping

These are the small first order streams that matter for BC salmonids and other threatened/endangered species. We need to know where they are and describe them in as much detail as we possible. Mapping every last meter of every small stream/wetland is the only way to advocate for their protection. It is all about the habitat!

This video, created by Natashia Cox, is a compilation of videos and photographs taken during numerous mapping projects within the Fraser Valley including Sumas Mountain, Sumas Prairie, Deroche and Vedder Mountain. It highlights the diversity of species and habitats unique to this area. Special acknowledgement goes to the Fraser Valley Conservancy, Fraser Valley Watersheds Coalition, Ryan Durand of Taara Environmental Ltd., Rob Knight & Brad Mason with the Community Mapping Network, the municipalities and all the mapping technicians for their support and hard work.”
Video Creation & Edits: Natashia Cox
Music by: M83 Couleurs
Video link hosted by Fraser Valley Conservancy Youtube Channel