Nechako Watershed Health Atlas

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Welcome to the Nechako Watershed Health Atlas.  The overall goals of the project are:

  • to assess the health of the Nechako River watershed in north central BC using best available data from a range of sources; and 
  • to inform and influence decisions and actions that can improve the health and sustainability of the watershed and the communities that depend on it.

The Summary Report is now available online. To learn more about the health of the Nechako Watershed please view the web atlas (http:/

This project is lead by the Fraser Basin Council with support from the Community Mapping Network and several partners from across the Nechako region with financial support from Environment Canada and the BC Wildlife Federation. Many organizations and agencies have contributed data for the Atlas and these groups and associated data sources will be included in the Resources and References document when the project is complete.
Thanks to the members of the Nechako Watershed Alliance who provided input and advice in support of the Nechako Watershed Health project.  Please return to learn more about the health of the Nechako Watershed and view the web atlas for updates.
This project was undertaken with the financial support of:
Ce projet a été réalisé avec l’appui financier de:

Contact Organizations

Steve Litke
Senior Program Manager
Watersheds, Water Resources & Sustainability
Indicators, Fraser Basin Council 
Amy Greenwood
Assistant Manager
Watersheds and Water Resources 
Fraser Basin Council
Brad Mason, CMN Director

Rob Knight, CMN Director

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