Forage Fish Atlas and Data Management System

The ecosystem role of forage fish and the need to protect their critical spawning and rearing habitats requires recognition and public attention. The BC Shore Spawners Alliance is an alliance of community groups working to document and protect the intertidal spawning habitat of forage fish (surf smelt and Pacific sand lance). The BCSSA provides presentations, educational resources, protocols, training and equipment to allow for the collection of scientifically credible data.  In British Columbia scientific and stewardship efforts to manage and protect shoreline forage fish spawning habitats have been minimal. The goal of the BCSSA is to address these issues through science, education, community stewardship, and habitat restoration. The Forage Fish Atlas is designed to house survey effort data as well as spawning location data.  Users with a username and password can access the Forage Fish Atlas using this link.  By logging on, users can zoom in to see exactly where spawning activity is confirmed and can upload and manage new forage fish data.  Contact Ramona de Graaf for more information at [email protected]. You can also see more information on Facebook at FRIENDS OF FORAGE FISH.

credit for atlas photo:  Ramona C. de Graaf

Contact Organizations

Ramona C. de Graaf,  BC Shore Spawners Alliance Coordinator [email protected]

Forage Fish Canada-USA [email protected]  

Major Partnership [email protected]

Brad Mason, CMN Director [email protected]

Rob Knight, CMN Director [email protected]

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