Database Search

FLNRO Regional Scale Sample Catalogue, South Coast Region

Search through a catalogue of scales that have been sampled from streams and lakes throughout the South Coast Region. Click here to access the search functionality.

MOE-FLNRO Regional Library Catalogue - South Coast Region

Search for reports containing natural resources information in the South Coast Region of the Ministry of Environment (MOE) and Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO). This catalogue is a work in progress. Documents will be added on a continuing basis as they become available. Click here to access the search functionality.

Aquatic Information Partnership (AIP)

The AIP catalogue at has records of information relating to AIP atlas. As of mid-July 2009, it has about 429 records regarding GIS data, reports, websites, and so on. The majority of the content are websites. It contains 117 non-government websites, 56 Canadian government websites, 30 multi-agency websites, 42 web portals, and 30 websites with internet mapping tools.

Pacific Region Contaminants Atlas (PRCA)

The Search Tool for the Pacific Region Contaminants Atlas allows for the searching of a database containing publications relating to environmental contaminants in British Columbia by using a General Search Option or an Advanced Search Option.

Continental Oceanographic Data Information System (CODIS)

The Continental Oceanographic Data Information System (CODIS) is a comprehensive electronic inventory of existing marine and freshwater environmental metadata. CODIS covers physical, chemical and biological disciplines covering 8 arbitrary geographical regions in the Pacific and Arctic Oceans.