Stewardship Project Registry – SPR

The Stewardship Project Registry Atlas captures records of completed projects (as far back as the mid 1990s) for many of the funding organizations in the Pacific Region. The data base and web map provide a public view of information about earlier stewardship projects for grant makers and proponents in locations and regions where they are considering new proposals. Stewardship groups and project reviewers are able to learn about projects throughout BC and the Yukon using a web-map interface and searchable web forms. This will improve stewardship and community planning, making better use of grant dollars for activities and reduce duplication of effort.

Stewardship Project Registry: This new project registry has a much broader scope than the older Fisheries Project Registry (FPR – described below), capturing a wide range of land stewardship activities from many grant makers. The SPR includes some of the funding organizations listed in the legacy data of the FPR and other funders not captured by the FPR, for projects past and recently completed. The SPR will be available for all grant makers that wish to contribute their completed projects in the coming years. All of the records in the FPR and the SPR are available for anonymous public view but an EDITOR log in is required to contribute new records about completed projects. If you or your organization have completed project(s) and the final report(s) that you would like to contribute to the SPR use the contact links below. CMN will also be posting a link soon for a tutorial video in the Atlas Training Videos section below, explaining how to navigate the web map interface and how to use the web forms search capabilities.

The Stewardship Project Registry Atlas can also be viewed on mobile devices – click on the image below.