Private Well Network

The Private Well Network (PWN) is a community-based initiative designed to encourage private well owners to protect their health through regular and affordable testing of well water quality. By sharing water quality test results, aquifer maps and general information about groundwater, the PWN aims to empower private well owners to take the necessary steps to improve their own well water quality and to prevent contamination of our common drinking water sources. The current geographic scope of the PWN is limited to the Township of Langley.

The PWN atlas is provided for informational purposes. Access to the atlas is provided under the following terms and conditions:

  • Water samples are taken by well owners or well users in a location of their choice such as a residence tap or other structures on the property, before or after treatment. Water samples are analyzed and provided by Element laboratory.
  • Although we use considerable effort in preparing the atlas, the tools and data are provided “as is” without any representations or warranties as to their accuracy, completeness, performance, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose.
  • The entire risk associated with the results and performance of the tool and data is assumed by the user. The CMN is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred in connection with use of the tool and data.
  • The CMN is not responsible for any unauthorized use or manipulation of any data contained in the atlas. The User may not copy, sell, or redistribute data contained in the atlas without permission.

Private well water quality parameter map (New):   A new well water quality parameter map is now available where you can sort and filter each parameter and compare results for different locations.  With the new web map you can sort and filter each water quality parameter and compare results for different locations.  Click this link to view the NEW PWN WEB MAP APP .

PDF results map:  View a map with well water quality test results in PDF format. Click this link:  PDF WEB MAP

Learn how to join the Private Well Network and what are the benefits: Click this link

Please refer to the Government of Canada Drinking Water Guidelines here:  Canada Drinking water guidelines 

Download a copy of the PWN data, 2009-2022 in CSV format here

Contact Organizations

Township of Langley, Sustainability Program Specialist:  604-533-6192,  Langley Environmental Partners Society,  604-532-3511 

Element (water quality testing laboratory), General Operations Manager: 604 514-3322

Brad Mason, CMN Director [email protected]

Rob Knight, CMN Director [email protected]

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