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Welcome to the WildResearch Nightjar Survey Atlas!
The WildResearch Nightjar Survey is a citizen science survey program that collects baseline data for an understudied group of birds of conservation concern, the nightjars. The nocturnal habits of nightjars exclude them from detection on other survey programs, but available evidence suggests their populations are declining. Under the WildResearch Nightjar Survey, volunteers in many areas of the country contribute to a publicly-available dataset by conducting nocturnal roadside surveys for nightjars using a standardized national protocol.

The need to conduct surveys for nightjars in Canada has been identified for several reasons:

  1. Relatively little is known about them due to their nocturnal habits
  2. Two of our species, the Common Nighthawk and the Eastern Whip-poor-will, are already listed as Threatened under the federal Species at Risk Act
  3. Nightjars belong to a larger guild of birds, the aerial insectivores, which are thought to be declining across North America

This Nightjar Survey Atlas was developed to assist WildResearch with volunteer coordination and data management for the on-going nightjar surveys.

Anyone with a vehicle and good hearing is capable of conducting a WildResearch Nightjar Survey! Signing up for a WildResearch Nightjar Survey route will require approximately two to three hours of surveying and one hour of data entry. Each route is a series of 12 road-side stops and needs to be surveyed at dusk once per year between June 15 and July 15.

Want to volunteer? Visit the WildResearch Nightjar Survey Atlas to view the available routes in your area and sign up to survey!

  1. Zoom in on the Nightjar Atlas map to view the available survey routes in your area. Most routes follow established Breeding Bird Survey routes.
  2. Hover your mouse over the available route you’d like to adopt.
  3. Create an account on the WildResearch Nightjar Atlas to sign up for your route.
  4. Download your route map and station locations from the atlas under the “Manage My Routes” section.
  5. Download and review the survey protocol.>
  6. Fill out the Nightjar Survey waiver form or become an annual WildResearch Member.
  7. Survey your route using the Nightjar Survey datasheets.
  8. Enter your data onthe WildResearch Nightjar Atlas using your account.

To read the WildRsearch Nightjar Survey Annual Reports click on the links below in the “Atlas Documents” section.

Contact Organizations

Have questions? Contact your Nightjar Survey Regional Coordinator!

Funding for the WildResearch Nightjar Survey Atlas was generously provided by MEC

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