Rivers and Smith Salmon Inlets Atlas

The Rivers And Smith Inlets Atlas is a web-based mapping tool that brings together a variety of information about sensitive and critical salmonid spawning and rearing habitat for the watersheds of the Rivers and Smith Inlets area of British Columbia. The atlas was created for the Rivers and Smith Salmon Ecosystems Planning Society (RSSEPS) as part of their Salmon Recovery Plan for Rivers and Smith Inlets Area (Owikeno Lake, Long Lake, Johnston Creek, Nekite River, and the Chuckwalla River / Kilbella River watersheds). The contents of the atlas are based on Fisheries Information Summary System (FISS) data and provide an important tool to assist resource managers in the conservation and protection of sensitive salmon habitat features from future resource development activities within the study area.  The Atlas has just been updated so that MAC users can have access.

Contact Organizations

David Stevenson Rivers and Smith Salmon Ecosystems Planning Society 1719 Beaufort Ave, Comox, B.C. V9M 1R8 Phone: 250 890 0297 FAX 250 890 0296 [email protected]

Violet Komori Habitat Biologist/ Project Manager Komori - Wong Environmental 856 Sandpines Drive, Comox, B.C. V9M 3V3 Phone/FAX: (250) 339-7613 [email protected]

Don Chamberlain GIS Specialist/ Project Manager 473 Leighton Ave, Courtenay, B.C. V9N 2Z5 Phone/Fax: (250) 338-8827 [email protected]

Brad Mason, CMN Director [email protected]

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Last Updated: 29th Aug '15
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