BIEAP-FREMP Testimonial for the Community Mapping Network

“It is the absolute pleasure of BIEAP and FREMP to recommend the content and services of the Community Mapping Network. CMN has hosted data of our programs for more than 5 years and provided an important source of information for our partners and the public alike. In particular, the hosting of our Program’s habitat mapping and inventory has provided a vital referral point for many requiring this information in order to conduct business along the shoreline of the lower Fraser River and Burrard Inlet.

Coordinated Project Review is a process whereby applications for shoreline development are reviewed by reviewing agencies prior to receiving approval. Due to the presence of productive fish habitat, certain areas of the lower Fraser cannot be developed. These areas have been mapped and a colour coding applied. This information is available via the FREMP Atlas on CMN. It has become standard practice of would-be developers to check the FREMP Atlas on CMN to determine how a location is colour-coded when making project review application.

As with all maps of the landscape in a dynamic environment, changes occur out there which require regular updating in the virtual landscape. The amazing staff of CMN have always gone above and beyond when the need for a change is highlighted or when a problem has been reported. Their prompt attention to reported problems or glitches of any kind are what makes this such a high-integrity resource to the community.

We, the staff of BIEAP and FREMP thank the CMN for their unwavering assistance and wish them every success for the future.”