BIEAP-FREMP joined in an updated Atlas of Intertidal Habitat

The Burrard Inlet Environmental Action Program and the Fraser Rivers Estuary Management Plan are now combined in an updated habitat atlas. Updating the atlas will happen over the coming months so checkup on the progress every couple of weeks.
One new feature is the interactive shoreline video of Burrard Inlet. To see the segments we have posted so far use the “Zoom to Video Path” tool on the map window tool bar. Be patient with your clicks and presently we recommend Firefox rather than Internet Explorer on a PC or using a Mac . To watch the video make a selection from the “Task” menu – far right on map window tool bar

The Community Greenmap on CMN is growing!

This Community Greenmap is a member of the International Green Map System (GMS). A community green map becomes a map of a community’s home, showing the
connections between where we live, the food we grow, the things we do, and the land we live on. What becomes clear is that everything is vitally interconnected. The current geographic extent of this network in BC now includes Langley and the Cowichan Valley.

9 A Conservation Lands Atlas for British Columbia is now available on CMN

The BC NGO Conservation Lands Atlas is a joint effort to collect the spatial boundaries of all conserved lands secured by Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) and the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS). While information and spatial boundaries of provincial government protected lands is readily available, this type of data for land parcels protected by Non-Government organizations had not previously been compiled into one database. These land parcels have all been conserved with the goal of preserving their natural value for years to come.
The goal of this project is to improve the use of information that supports conservation of our natural places in British Columbia.

Shuswap Lake shoreline mapping project.

The Community Mapping Network assisted in the foreshore inventory and mapping project for Shuswap Lake.   Docks were the most common human-made item with a total of 2,789.

BC Eelgrass Atlas upgraded

The BC Eelgrass atlas is upgraded.  It is now available to both PCs and MACs.  In addition,  the database is upgraded to use spatial oracle.  There are a many new tools for viewing, querying, and generating reports.

Aquatic Information Partnership (AIP)

A new Aquatic Information Partnership (AIP) launches on CMN. There will be new AIP developments over the coming months – with new links to other components soon.
The AIP aims to provide a decision-making platform to create and maintain healthy ecosystems, to make information easily accessible, to provide a collaborative framework and to create knowledge that will facilitate the building of healthy ecosystems. Follow the link to the right to view the new AIP Atlas.

North Thompson Sustainable Watershed Atlas

A new Draft Atlas is underway entitled “North Thompson Sustainable Watershed Atlas” “Sharing information and resources to improve the capacity of decision makers within the context of achieving a healthy and sustainable life in the North Thompson Valley.” “We are the North Thompson Sustainable Watershed Mapping Group (NTSWMG), composed of a cross-section of North Thompson Valley organizations and individuals that work together to foster the sharing of information and the development of new types of Internet-based local maps. These interactive maps provide valuable information and help individuals, governments, businesses, and groups within the communities of the North Thompson Valley make sound decisions. The members of the North Thompson Sustainable Watershed Mapping Group include the North Thompson Communities Foundation, the North Thompson Food Coalition, and the Community Resource Centre for the North Thompson. We are working in collaboration with members of the Community Mapping Network, the Fraser Basin Council and the Kamloops South-Thompson Mapping and Capacity Partnership towards creating a sustainable future for the North Thompson valley. The North Thompson Sustainable Watershed Atlas is the Group’s initial effort to map our valley’s social, environmental, cultural, economic and infrastructure assets, resources and values.